I’m Stuck!

Question: I feel stuck right now. It seems as though I’m on a treadmill and going nowhere. The frustration seems overwhelming. Advice?

Answer: This often is a common feeling for everyone. For entrepreneurs the frustration can seem especially acute. We tend to be Type A personalities who want things to happen . . . and right now! Sometimes this frustration can actually block the positive flow of energy on which we thrive. And then it becomes a vicious cycle – the more the energy doesn’t flow, the more we feel like we’re going to burst with frustration.  

Let me provide a flying analogy. I’ll never forget the sage advice of my flight instructor years ago when I was taking pilot training. He told me that when things go haywire the first thing to do is to simply, “fly the airplane.” Don’t worry about anything else – just keep the wings level and fly the airplane. That’s my advice here. When this frustration wells up don’t lose your head – just remember to relax. Spend some time finding a calm moment – visualize putting your frustration on the shelf – after all, it’s not going anywhere without you. 

Next, it’s important to get out of yourself. What does this mean? Entrepreneurs have the tendency to dwell on whatever issues may be causing the frustration they are feeling. Once we relax we need to understand that there are other things more important in life than we are. This is a humbling realization. Consider being of service to others in some way. Volunteer at a food pantry. Be a Big Brother or a Big Sister. Teach a Sunday school class. Some time ago when I was dealing with a lot of frustration, I volunteered at a local children’s hospital. I had a ball reading stories and playing games with sick children. Being of service helps us to channel positive energy to the benefit of others. And guess what? All of a sudden the frustration melts away and the positive energy flows again!

I can’t promise that relaxing, getting out of yourself and being of service to others will solve all of the problems that led to your frustration. But getting rid of the feeling of being stuck will help you see more clearly the way to fix what needs fixing.

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