The Legacy

Question: I work hard every day and have achieved success along the way. But sometimes I wonder if this is all there is. Why am I not completely satisfied?

Answer: Some entrepreneurs are wired a bit differently than other members of society. We always want more. More success; more out of life; more challenges – the next mountain to climb. There are those who might describe us as restless. This is actually what drives us to excel. But as the years go by and we continue to succeed; live life more fully; overcome the challenges and climb the next mountain, we become less energized by playing the “game.”

What more is there? At the end of the day are we just flesh and bones? What is our legacy? The whole concept of legacy is important to us as entrepreneurs. It requires a great deal of thought and self-reflection. And it isn’t something that we can know for certain early in our careers. Our perception of legacy evolves over time. But by intentionally seeking our legacy in our 20s, 30s, 40s, etc., it will become a part of who we are and help to shape us as human beings.

I have spent more time as I have gotten older considering my legacy though I wish I’d focused on it more when I was younger. Nevertheless, it has become crystal clear that my legacy is all of the good things I can do for other people. My life has become less about me winning and more about helping others win in their lives. When I am gone, do I want to be remembered as a conquering captain of industry? Or do I want to be remembered as someone who helped make the lives of others more special?

The opportunity to serve others plays perfectly into an entrepreneur’s success mantra. I’ve mentioned before that positive energy draws great good to us. And serving others certainly generates massive amounts of positive energy. I’ve found that the more I give of my time, talent and treasure, the more good things come into my life. The beauty of this equation is that it happens without any calculation whatsoever. For example, I have been part of an entrepreneurial mentoring program for a number of years. The business men and women whom I have been fortunate enough to mentor seem to benefit from my ideas and counsel. But I too have been the beneficiary in many ways. Besides establishing some amazing friendships, the time I spend with them has resulted in stimulating new ideas that I can implement in my own businesses.

It took a while for me to realize that a legacy of materiality was much less important to me than a legacy of hundreds or even thousands of other people whose lives were improved as a result of something I was able to do for them. And guess what? Material abundance has become even greater for me with this realization! It’s yet another manifestation of the Law of Attraction.

What will your legacy be? Give this question some deep thought and challenge yourself to explore the multitude of options. Whatever you decide will be right for you.

This blog is being written in tandem with my book, “An Entrepreneur’s Words to Live By,” available on in paperback and Kindle (My Book), as well as being available in all of the other major eBook formats.


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