The Jinx Factor

I was talking with a friend recently who was sharing information about an opportunity that was materializing for him. But he didn’t want to get too much into the details because in his words, he didn’t want to “jinx it.” The next day as I was taking my daily walk I started thinking about his comment. I know I’ve used the same phrase a few times, though I don’t really believe in jinxes. I’ll bet you have too. Then my thoughts expanded to go beyond the simple “jinx factor”.

Have you ever been in a place where everything seems to be going perfectly and then the following thought creeps into your mind . . . “what is going to go wrong?” Of course at the conscious level this is all about whether or not we deserve our good fortune. We’re so used to struggling and toiling that sometimes when the journey becomes smoother we can’t believe it will last and are conditioning ourselves for the next shoe to drop. I suppose this could be deemed the “jinx factor.”

I have come to a few realizations in this regard. Our mind is the most powerful organism in the universe. And we can create self-fulfilling prophesies. If we think something bad is about to interrupt our bliss, then we’ll probably find a way to make it happen. Another realization is the fact that whatever we attract in the way of a negative experience usually won’t be the result of something external. There are days when I drive the speed limit on a certain route and every stoplight turns red. Am I jinxed on those days? I think not. There are times when I think a business deal is done and then something over which I have no influence comes out of nowhere and blows it up. Did I somehow jinx the deal? I think not. External factors that are totally uncontrollable just happen. Did negative energy or bad karma draw them to us somehow? I doubt it. It’s that which we control with our mind and our being that matters.

This leads us to the final point of this discussion. Even joking that we “don’t want to jinx” something is an affirmation and affirmations have power. Instead of worrying about jinxes, we are better served visualizing and affirming favorable outcomes. Doing so aligns us with the positive energy that we need to impact that which we control in the desired manner. When we find that nagging thought entering our consciousness that says, “what is going to go wrong?” we recognize it, chase it away and replace it with an affirmation or a visualization of success.

Jinxes make for interesting novels or television programs but don’t exist in reality. On the other hand, the power of our mind is very real and can attract that which we affirm. Maintaining a positive focus on what we desire allows us to live without the fear that some outer force will deny us our good. In the infamous words of Groucho Marx, “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.”

black cat

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