The Story of the Faint Star

Question: I’m not satisfied with the amount of money I’m making. It seems that the harder I try the harder it is to reach my financial objectives. How do I resolve this?

Answer: It’s possible that you are trying too hard. I completely understand your predicament for I once was in exactly the same place. Earlier in my career and after working for what seemed to be an eternity, I was constantly frustrated by what I felt was a gap between my true value to my company and what I was actually being paid. In my mind I was expending my blood, sweat and tears to make someone else rich – obviously a classic case of “woe is me.” It seemed that the harder I reached for the dollars the more they eluded my outstretched fingertips. Then one day something clicked. I had an epiphany that maybe I was trying too hard. I think someone probably made this observation and I finally listened.

Have you ever tried to look at a faint star in the night sky – you know it’s there but the more you strain to see it the harder it is to find? But if you look ever so slightly to the right or to the left, all of a sudden you see it clearly with your peripheral vision. This same thing happened for me. I shifted my focus away from chasing the almighty dollar and intentionally decided to pursue that for which I was passionate. I loved to be creative and I loved working with other people. The money became the byproduct of my passion rather than the primary focus.

Something that you can do to absolutely guarantee a life of abundance is to tithe to that which feeds your soul. Many people tithe to their church. Others may have a charitable cause that deeply moves them. I have found that joyfully tithing 10% of my income – no matter how much or how little I might earn – allows me to tap into a flow of positive energy that ensures abundance. I know this to be true because the more I tithe the more my life has been enriched – financially and otherwise. When I tithe I don’t expect a quid pro quo. But over the past 40-years it has simply been a fact of my life that unconditional tithing has led to financial prosperity that I never dreamed I would experience.