The Woke Entrepreneur

If you think this blog is going to wade into the political morass of what has been termed as “wokeness” in society, well, that’s not going to happen. The Woke Entrepreneur I’m about to describe is a totally different kind of “woke.” Instead, I should probably use the term “Awakened Entrepreneur.”

The Awakened Entrepreneur has a number of traits and tendencies. For starters he/she is a visionary and has a clear idea of what the future looks like. This person understands how critical it is to communicate this vision in such a way that everyone in the organization knows “what it looks like where they get there.”

The Awakened Entrepreneur is a “Culture Builder.” I’ve said it before that every organization has a culture – either intentional or unintentional. Strong sustainable companies have intentional cultures that have been developed and refined over a period of years. A great leader believes in the culture and tirelessly supports and promotes it because it creates a solid foundation on which a company relies.

The Awakened Entrepreneur is authentic. There are no hidden agendas with this person. He or she is comfortable in their own skin and sees no need to put on airs or present a fake façade. The Awakened Entrepreneur exudes honesty and integrity. When someone meets this person, they instantly feel a high level of trust and honor. This genuineness can create the kind of reputation which every organization aspires to. We’ve all seen leaders who are known to be conniving and crafty – and their company is viewed in the same light.

The Awakened Entrepreneur is sensitive to the feelings of others. He or she is always looking for ways to support every member of the team. When corrective action is needed, this person does so with warm candor. He/she does not criticize publicly instead choosing to coach in private and without demonstrations of anger or hostility.

The Awakened Entrepreneur does not seek the limelight but deflects it in favor of other team members. This is yet another example of how this person is comfortable with himself/herself and does not need kudos or adulation. He/she builds up others by making certain they receive credit and recognition for their good work. Further, the Awakened Entrepreneur is quick to own his/her mistakes and never “throws anyone under bus.” In fact, this leader will take responsibility for errors and failures on behalf of the organization. There is no finger pointing by the Awakened Entrepreneur.

The Awakened Entrepreneur sets a good example for others. He/she demonstrates the desired work ethic and lives the organization’s core values. This person understands that the entire team is watching and his/her actions speak louder than words. You’ll never see this person getting drunk at the company Christmas party or having an inappropriate relationship with another member of the team. This leader never asks someone to do something that he or she wouldn’t do himself/herself.

The Awakened Entrepreneur is the eternal optimist and remains positive no matter the situation. While others may be disappointed in circumstance or outcome, this leader will always look for – and find – the silver lining. He or she understands that the psyche of the organization rises or falls with his/her mindset.

Yes, the Awakened Entrepreneur is many things – a visionary, a culture builder, authentic, sensitive to others, shuns the spotlight, sets a good example, and is always positive. Maybe this will some day become the new definition of “woke.”

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